Black Bridesmaid Gowns, Take Your Pick!

4:53 PM

There is no denying that the color black fits both categories of warm and cool skin toned. As what most popular fashion designers always say, "Black is the color that goes with everything. If you're wearing black, you're on sure ground." 

I barely catch sight of black bridesmaids gowns in weddings I have attended so when I have seen weddings with the bridesmaids wearing black gowns, I admired black gowns so bad. Black bridesmaid gowns are nothing but elegance and sophistication. Just a quick trivia, started way back in the old century, black is the color that generally associated with elegance in Europe and the US.

Yes, I am crushing on black bridesmaid gowns and if only I could go back in time, these are the black bridesmaid gowns I will incorporate in my wedding. Or if any of my friends would pick me as a bridesmaid, I may wish to opt for one of these bridesmaid gowns:

This is elegance at its best. I like the fabric used, the V back slit and the short pencil skirt works perfectly together. Any bridesmaids will really look sexy and fab at any angle wearing this dress. If I can be a bridesmaid, this is the dress I will pick!

This long black satin dress is totally up my alley. You can wear this in multiple occasions, not only as a bridesmaid gown but even on other formal events without people noticing you have worn this before because you can actually add up the detachable wrap jacket or just any kind of scarf that goes perfect with the fabric. You are totally a knockout if you wear this one. 

If I would have a beach wedding, this bridesmaid gown could be perfect! I really like the flowy style of it combined with lace embroidery. Personally, it is very eye-catching and looks very comfortable to wear. Ofcourse, the sheer back adds some sexy look to the lady wearing it!

How about you, which one of the black bridesmaid gowns above you like most? 

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