I am trying to SAVE MONEY! 

Here are some smart tips on how to save some money for future needs.

Haha, I am literally trying to save for my baby's first birthday, for my eldest school needs, for our monthly bill, for my two son's supplies, kitchen supplies, for the future and for a lot of important things.


I have deleted my make ups, accessories, clothes and my beauty maintenance, on my necessities list, lol. 
Yup I used to put those on my necessities list. You know woman thing, peace out. 
 I have a growing family and it requires me and my husband  to save for our future, as early as now that the kiddos are still young.. Me and my husband have to sacrifice both our small luxuries just to give way to the most important expenses. And of course, that is our main responsibility as parents, to provide to our child's needs up until they grow up.
Well, now I think I need to proceed with the main purpose of this post (not coming to that part yet).

Here are some small ways that we consider to save money, I hope this gives you idea.

  • Buy and Sell
I went through all the used baby stuffs and i picked those that were slightly used to SELL.My husband was so happy to see the amount we have gained. Babies grow up so fast, most clothes they wear now cannot fit them after a month or two. that is why some of my baby's clothes and shoes weren't worn out.
  • Buying Toys
I really love buying toys for my two kids!! Malling is never complete without buying toys for the two kiddos or they will never appreciate the recreation. But last time, i tried to look for toys on SALE. It is also advisable to invest on educational toys so they get to enjoy what they learn.
  • Savings Plan
We also consider of getting the two sons a separate special savings account into which we deposit a sum every month. I guess it does not have to be a fortune, I started a dollar each or 50pesos monthly for each of their savings account.
  • Budget Wisely
Yeah this is the first thing me and hubby did. Avoid to shell out money on things that are not important. Create a list of WANTS and NECESSITIES. Necessities are the foods, shelter and other necessities of life. Wants are those not so important like  Prioritize the Necessities list and if it fits your budget, try to buy at least one or two wants.
  • Do Not Skip on the Bills
We get electric bills, water bills, telephone bills and the like. It is always important to pay every month. When you have skipped a bill, your entire monthly budget is ruined. It is hard to make up with the budget when the bills were carried over to the next month.
  •  Recycle
I have always heard this from Mom and I was like yes yes yes i will. But the truth I just do not like the idea of recycling when you can afford to buy a new one. But now I really appreciate her advice. For example i would like to buy myself a new kitchen apron, what i did was turn my old yellow dress into an apron, i just did some cutting and used my sewing materials. I also started to collect our used and empty bottles and sell to the junk shops or recycling center. We also use the old clothes as rugs and bedding for the pets.
  • Minimizing
Yes from the word itself. We try our best to conserve water and electricity. Turn the lights off when nobody uses it. Don't get more than needed amount of water, get the right amount you have to consume. To save from Cellphone or telephone bills, we use a prepaid card as an alternative and only make important calls as well.
So there you go. Those are some strategies we tried doing and we will see how it will reflect on our budget. I think it pays off. :D