I Earn by Blogging in Bubblews

I am here again! Well today, I wanna share one way on how I earn from blogging. In one of my previous posts, I have introduced Triond, one legit paying writing site where bloggers and writers can earn. Today, I will share with you another site on which I also get to earn dollars.

Bubblews is one of the best blogging/writing sites I have come across with. I have learned about this blogging stuff two months ago and it's just this month when I seriously decided to turn this blogging thing a way to give me moolah to spend for some necessities at home. I am not too active in Bubblews, I just write 1 article per day. Why? Simply because I don't have enough time in a day.

What is Bubblews?

This is a pay per view site. I joined this site late of March this year. I do this as part-time, but if you were thinking of doing this full-time, you are sure to earn $5 daily depending on your blog content and how you interact with other bloggers and writers on the site. You can get to meet different people who have the same passions here.

How to Earn in Bubblews?

Write an article and you will earn for every view, comment, like and share that your article gets. It is not actually that hard to earn views because Bubblews has a very friendly community. You just need to gain connections so every time you have a new article, those connections will be notified and view your post. They also has a referral scheme that you will earn $1 on your referral's first-post. The minimum payout is $25. Once you have clicked the Redeem button, you will have to wait 2-3 days to receive an e-check on your personal email confirming payment in your Paypal account.

Does Bubblews pay?

Yes. Just make sure that you follow the rules and guidelines properly to avoid not getting paid. Here is my first payment proof from Bubblews.
I really enjoy this site. There is no reason not to try, who doesn't want an extra income? 

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