Withdraw Paypal Money Using EON Card

Early this morning I went my way off to the only UnionBank branch here in my place. I successfully picked up my Eon Card. For those who don't know, this is one of the most convenient way to transfer to your bank account and encash your money from Paypal. It was just easy and fast because I have filled up an application on their website and after you have completed the application form, you will be assigned with a reference number and you will get instructions to claim your EON Card to the nearest bank that you have put in the form.
This is a Visa Debit Card. You will need to bring two valid IDs upon pick up. I presented TIN ID and Voter's ID. See here for the valid ID's. You will need to pay P350.00 for the Annual tax. But I also suggest you to deposit a minimum of P500.00 because in verifying your Paypal account, your card must have at least P300.00 into it.
I am very excited to transfer my earnings from Paypal to my personal bank account, all my hard earned money through my side line jobs for the 1st month. On my 1 st month, I have accumulated an earnings of more than $100. Geez!
I am enjoying being a work at home Mom so much. My first withdraw will buy my eldest son school supplies for the coming June.

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Save time and Fill up an application form for EON CARD here!