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Since you are working from home, most of you tend to apply on a bigger role. Thinking you can joggle more than four or five jobs in a day. 
Yes, you handle your own time but it is better to stick with one or two income booster as main bread and butter and one or two on the side racket. 
It is a big booboo to keep adding new tasks. What's gonna happen, one of your main priorities will suffer. Or your production and consistency will drop down. 
Of course we all want that crust of pie, who doesn't like money? But we need not to be greedy. Just give yourself tasks that you can handle and stop entertaining new.

My own experience:
I have realized I was making a wrong move when later I have been not hitting my goals. Too much of things to be done with not enough time. I have a full-time job everyday from Monday to Friday however, it's optional if I wanted to work on weekends and holidays. But aside from this full-time job, I also do some sort of  extra income in different websites which I can no longer juggle everyday. Maybe I should create a daily task table. But will I be able to comply with it? Seriously, that is a big mistake. Why? I guess I was just too excited at first that I can take care of  everything. Well lesson learned, do not cut yourself in additional job that you can no longer manipulate. Stick with what you have that way you can be productive with what you were focusing on. Right now, I am full-on with my full-time job since that is my main bread and butter. And maintain with couple of sites.