Badge_one_smallRunning out of time?

Most of the time, grooming your kiddos and taking care of hubby's needs first leaves you less time for yourself. So you are left with a small time doing your make up. 

I know most moms can relate to this,  I always struggle for small amount of time and before I am done they are all outside all prep up and stressing me out to hurry up! I don't wanna end up looking too haggard while they are all looks presentable.

Here are my own set of quick makeup tips to help you look fab in no-time.

1. Hair. Choose the best style that suits you. A style that can manage to make you look good even without putting too much effort into it. Opting to save time for your hair, you can work on a quick braids or low buns half up down hairstyles. What I do, I just let my hair down and keep my annoying bangs from my face. I gather my bangs from my temple, mist with hairspray and finish by locking with hairpins. Pretty quick and easy for me.

2. Choosing the right foundation for your skin type is very important, it brightens your appearance and makes you look simply glamorous. Use liquid foundation, it gives better coverage and good for dry skin and lasts longer. So you do not have to retouch every now and then. You just have to choose which brand and shade are best for yur skin type.

3. Put foundation first before the concealer to avoid clumping and patchiness. I always invest in a good concealer, because it can really saves me time.

4. Use mascara that lengthens and be sure to know how to apply it for best results. Use a quick dry and waterproof so you will not worry that it may mess up your face rain or shine. I will make a review of different brands of mascara to help you readers decide which effect is perfect for you.

5. It is a huge plus to use an eyelash curler, thus it opens up your eyes in a way that a mascara never will. At first, some women were not comfortable using this, I was also like that, but eventually you cannot manage to leave home without a curl. Just make sure you know the proper way to use it and choose a good mascara.

6. Color your lips.Choose the best shade for your lips. It's best to put a glossy lipstick, it saves you time for putting a lip gloss over your lipstick. 

There you go! All quick and easy steps for me and for ladies out there!