Websites Where to Apply for Homebased Jobs

Applying for a home based or freelancer job?                       

You need a working desktop computer or a laptop and a stable internet connection. A working space far from distraction at home is also necessary.

Jobs OnLine

There are many companies hiring home-based to fill in several positions for their company.

Aside from the reason that the company saves a lot because they do not need to get an office space and fill in with computers and employees. Home based workers provide their own resources to get a job. Most companies also don't give Health care benefits like HMO or PhilHealth. As a home based worker, you can apply for your own health benefits and be responsible to pay personally annually, quarterly or monthly.

When applying for home based jobs, you can choose between part time or full time positions. Choose whatever suits your schedule. Don't commit on a job if you are not sure you can comply to the given time like in my situation, online jobs in flexible time most likely fits you.

Here are some job search Engines that may help you find a job

Here are websites where you can create an account for you to be able to apply for home based jobs. In a site like Odesk (now Upwork) you have to bid for your rate. For each of this sites, it is important to highlight your skills and previous jobs experiences for you to be able to get the highest chance to qualify for a certain job. It's gonna be hard to win a job offer most especially for starters or what we called newbies in freelancing world.

Have yourself ready of the responsibilities and  have an idea on nature of the job you are applying for before you apply for your chosen position. Most employers have high standards and wanted you to complete few tests and exams to even qualify for application. An interview always takes via Skype. So make sure you have a Skype installed. Get your headset with a working mic available. And, because you are working without a personal supervision of supervisors or managers, a web camera is necessary. Some employer or jobs require web camera for screenshots, to monitor  you as you work during indicated work hours.

Good luck!       

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