I have learned this blogging thing for more than a month now. So far, I am enjoying because I have seen my earnings already.  Yup, I have made my first payment in a site called Triond.
Tho I was not writing there everyday because I was skeptical with the reliability of the site. I thought they do not pay. They pay once a month and that is every 10th of the month through Paypal.

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They pay per view, likes and shares your article gets. You can share it to Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google, Blogger and more. That is one technique to gain viewers. They say Triond pays too low rewards to its writers currently. However, for beginners, experience is a must so this site is one of the best for you. 

I really find this site very helpful for beginners like me. Triond is a platform where you can have your articles, poetry and stories to published in different websites. Also it has a Referral Scheme which can also help you you earn residual income. Write about anything but mind the quality because your articles will be evaluated by the team before they have it published. I think the only way your submission gets rejected is if you have misspellings and 10% wrong grammar. So see to it to double check. 

As per my experience, I haven't concentrated writing on the site the first 20 days that I have signed up and this is what I have earned without too much effort. What I like about them is their minimum payout is $0.50. Hahah, I know it is not an amount I should brag about but I was just happy to know that they give credits even how small you have contributed to the site. I really appreciate it. Some sites don't pay. I am happy to know that they are legit because Triond really pays.


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Triond pays.
Unexpected payment.

April-May 2013 = $0.65

Here is my second payment from Triond. 

May to June 2013 = $1.03

Here is my Payment Proof from TRIOND for June. Here is just what I got since I stopped writing and promoting due to my very busy schedule.