Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you patient and passionate about English language?Then, this job is for you.

I am pretty sure that many home based workers will agree to me when I say that there is a high demand for Online English Tutorial or English as a Second Language  (ESL) teachers. This a great career to pursue. Many companies would hire home based mothers or college students to do the job. Most of the students that needs tutorials are Koreans and Japanese.

The basic requirements are good command of English, working computer (with working camera and headset with mic), and a stable internet connection because tutorial sessions are one-on-one English lessons through the free service of Skype that a wireless connection or usb type internet connection might not be able to work at all times. On most occasion, this is a flexible time job that you are able do decide your lesson fees and time, but I guess sometimes it depends upon the company.
As a tutor, you need to be lively, patient, polite and effective. Be friendly but not too talkative, also engage the student to speak and not to only listen. It is also important to understand the culture and tradition of your student so you have wide range of topics you can tackle about and your teaching session will not grow boring. You might consider to try to get into trainings for online tutors for a better teaching experience.

Rare Job Ph - This is a Philippine based company that hires Filipinos to teach Japanese students English language. Before you can start teaching, you will need to undergo training. 

EIGORU - They are pursuing for Knowledgeable, Qualified and Motivated online tutors to join their intensifying team of English online educators. They offer part time and full time positions. So if you want this opportunity as a side line, this is just perfect to have an extra or bigger income. As far as I know, they only hire Filipinos. They pay via Paypal.

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LearningSpace - Here, you are able to teach from the large amount of categories. You may teach from the wide range of genres.Cooking and liquor / IT and PC / Hobby, travel, gardening, pet and fortune-telling / living and money / Language and music / Beauty and fashion / supports and outdoor / Birth and child-rearing / education and examinations / marriage and employment.

Tutor.com What's great here, they provide the facilities, resources and course materials for teachers and students. So you wont have to create your own lesson plan and hand outs. They will be the one who will provide the students for you. All you have to do is apply and see if you qualify.

Online TutoringWorld -  Here you can find a good tutoring career. You will be able to search different categories that fits you as a teacher. 

TutorNation - As a tutor, you have a wide range of classes to choose from from academic to non-academic subjects. You can also apply as an instructor for other activities including: math, language tutor, fitness training, music lessons, computer instruction, dance lessons and much more.

Expertory - There is a wide range of lessons you can choose to teach. Guitar lessons, Math lessons, sewing lessons or even Mechanical lessons. I highly recommend this site. Which area do you expertise? You can teach it here!

Unitalk - Teaching English to Japanese students. You must be a degree holder to be able to be qualified.

51Talk -  This is open for all Filipino applicants. All you have to do is register and start teaching!

There are other companies listed on search engines. If you have other suggestions please let me know. Thanks.