Get Paid to Add Data to Locationary
I was searching the net for a store in our place and out of nowhere this page popped out,lol. Is this my lucky day? Yay! Another way to earn money online.

Locationary is a new system which rewards you for sharing your local knowledge. Help collect the world's most valuable data -- detailed info on every place in the world. To reward you,

Just update a place or add a new establishment from your area or you can  also search in Google map of what place to update or add.

 Incentive program
-50% Share for each update or new data that you will add. This means that if Locationary receives $1000, you and the other shareholders will split $500. If you have all
of the shares, you'll get the full $500! If you have 1/2 the shares, you'll get 1/2 of the $500.

-Tickets are used to enter draws and win prizes
Profile Shares are used to award users a portion of the eligible income generated by the Profile Dividends. Some estabvlishments registered has incomplete data and you can add data if you wish or correct if it has an inaccurate information.You may loose the rewards when the information you have entered is inaccurate.

You can use Google Map, Yellow Pages, People Search or Us PEPA to help you add more places.
Payments will be by Paypal, the last time I checked. .

When you invite friends to join Locationary, you get bonus tickets based on your friends' activity. This means that whenever your friends collect tickets by adding and updating places, you get bonus tickets too!

Locationary pays via Paypal.

It would not make you rich but it is sure to add earnings in time.

If you have a pending payment the costumer support is not responsive or should I say has a delayed response.

Locationary has stopped the earning program.
updated: July 3, 2013