My Fiverr Payment Proof from May to June

Fiverr is one of the amazing sites I have encountered with. Fiverr is a Legit site that you can expect payment on time.
Create a Gig you would like to do for an amount of $5 and you will get paid once your buyer's who have ordered your Gig has approved your services. 

It thrives me to enjoy more on what I do especially when I see how my revenue goes up. I have posted here about Fiverr last month. I am happy with this site and this is what I have earned on my first month.

FIVERR Proof of Payment From May 4 to June 4

Here is my Paypal Screenshot of my transaction with Fiverr. I have earned a total of $47.04 from May 4 to June 4. I still have waiting AMOUNT OF $52 to be available to withdraw left in my funds aside from this amount. 

GEEZ! I am on the roll! 

Here is my dashboard. You will see how much I have already withdrawn, awaiting clearance and upcoming payments.


  • Already Withdrawn - The payment is already available on my Paypal account.
  • Awaiting Clearance - I am already paid for my Gig but money is not yet available to transfer on my Paypal until after 12 days my Gig is marked complete.
  • Upcoming Payments - Payment of a Gig order I am working at the moment.


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