iPanel Payment Proof

In my very first post about iPanel, I have introduced the site.
iPanel, is a survey site that helps companies to obtain suggestions and opinions of consumers. 
I was not able to update my post regarding its legitimacy not until now.

I have forgotten that I already have enough points to redeem.

What is points?
You will get points for every successful survey participation, forum posting and referral invitation.
There is a corresponding amount for the points that you have gained according to your local currency. The lowest redeemable point is 200 points. The highest is 4000 points.
But it is best to just keep the points and redeem when you have already accumulated
I will suggest to redeem after you have accumulated higher than 200 points because of the Paypal charge.

 I have tried to redeem after I had 200 points just to check if they really pays. I am so happy that after 2 days of waiting, the amount finally reflected on my Paypal account.

Here is my very first redemption payment proof.

click image for larger view

Now, I have more than 200 points but I choose to wait until I reached 1000 points before I redeem.

Click Here to register in iPanel

July 13, 2013
Hi everyone! Here is an update for my 2nd redemption from iPanel. Here is my payment proof for June but reflected on my Paypal on July 8, 2013. I thought I can wait until I have accumulated a 1,000points to save from Paypal charge but please forgive me, I cannot keep my  mouse off the REDEEM tab.So it means it is counted for my July residual earning. Check my monthly report of residual income here.

click image for larger view

Here is another payment proof from iPanel! Updated  September 21, 2013

click image for larger view

Here is another payment proof from iPanel! Updated  May 25, 2014

click image for larger view


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