I always splurge on toys that I am sure can make my sons happy. It is always great to see the smile on their faces when I come home with new toys for them.  Those happy eyes and sweet smiles, how can I resist not to give them a little pleasure if that is something that I know they enjoy.

When I am walking on the mall. It always excites me to buy toys for my two sons. 

But, I am also careful when choosing on what kind of toys to purchase for my infant and  preschooler. Toys always varies on your child's age. We, as parents should be knowledgeable enough on picking the appropriate toys for our little ones.

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Parents should supervise children and follow the safety guidelines on buying the right kind of toys by check on what materials the toy is made.

I am sure you are familiar and have heard about the news of hazardous toys. Some toys contain lead and cadmium. We all know that lead is toxic to  reproductive and nervous systems. When children is exposed to lead, it most likely affect their growth and development. Lead can act as a poison when you are being exposed to lead whether inhaled or swallowed.

Here are things that I consider when buying toys for my sons.
  • Make sure to inspect the box of the toy to know from what materials it is made. 
  • Make sure that the toys were strong enough to withstand chewing. Most children chew or throw whatever they hold. Heed all warnings on a toy's packaging.
  • Test the sounds of toys because loud sounds can cause damage to their ears.
  • Some stuff toys are not required to meet safety standards so I suggest to double check it. But I personally do not buy stuff toys. It is also said that toys you can get from vending machines or from those machines you can see in game centers do not pass the safety standards.
  • Avoid buying toys with strings, they might pull the strings and that can hurt them.
  • For children under 3 years old, toys should be large enough so that it cannot be swallowed by your child.
  • Toy must not contain small pieces because some toys has small bells or balls inside it. When broken, the small pieces can pose a choking hazard.
  • When you buy riding toys like horses or wagons, make sure that it has harness to secure your child.
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If you are looking for a bunch of ideas on safe toys for your child an interesting website to check out is doodlebuckets. They have actually written about thousands of toys, all of which pass government safety standards.

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Kids are always associated with toys but as  parents, it is our responsibility to keep them safe on things that they enjoy. I do check the labels of every toy that I buy and even those toys they receive as gifts, just to make sure it is non toxic and safe for them.

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It is also practical to buy educational toys for your child. They are sure to learn as they enjoy playing it.

There are toys that helps build coordination, imagination, creative thinking and fine motor skills of your children.

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