It has come to most parents attention the issue about Bullying.

We all have been to childhood, it should be fun and memorable.
As parents, we don't want them to get hurt and we want them to just have the best childhood they can have. But we cannot keep our eye on them 24/7 specially if they are at school or with playmates.

How can you recognize if your kid is being bullied?

There is no best way to know what your kid feels, but to ask. A heart to heart talk on a very engaging way can make your kid open up.
Always remember, 'Nobody knows your kid best than yourself.'

Grab your child's favorite ice cream flavor, have an ice cream together and take that as an opportunity to ask about school and make him speak as he likes.

But, how do you know if your child is being bullied if they won't tell you?

1. If your child came home bruised or scratched.

2. Your kid suddenly get lazy to go to school.

3. Dirty clothes and ruined stuffs.

4. Always has missing belongings like books, pencils or erasers.

5. Developing fear or taking another route on going to school or doesn't wanna take the school bus.

6. Repeated tormenting.



What you can do.

  • Your child subconsciously assuming that what they are being made fun of for is their fault. Help them feel that they are not doing anything wrong and they are fantastic on their own way.
  • Visit the school. Talk to the teacher, guidance counselor or principal and find a solution.
  • Make your child feel that you are always there, even how busy your schedule gets.
  • Encourage your bullied child to interact with other children so they don't feel frightened about having the experience on being bullied.
  • Always listen to your child. Make it a routine every evening to have a discussion with your child about of how his/her day gets.

Some parents may think that it is just something their kid will grow out of it.

Bullying is a serious matter and if as a parent you did not put a dot on it or just ignore, there is a big possibility that it will result in developing low self-esteem or your child feel unloved. You must take step and do the best to put an end to it.



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