Top 5 Websites to Submit Your Articles and Get Paid

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I have not updated my blog about how to earn from blogging, I am quite busy the past months due to my Full-time Online Job and a lot of side jobs online. Actually, I have been guilty of spending more time in front of my computer than my son so here I am making up to him again.

But since my son is snoozing in his hammock, I guess it's just okay if I sneak in front of my computer and make a short post. :) 
So here I came up for a short post to help you find legitimate websites where you will get paid on writing.

While making money online is a total blockbuster these days, many people still fail to make money online. Regardless professional or amateur writer, you still cannot make a decent money if you are not cautious. Earning money over the internet is just easy as 123 if you are on the right track. First, you just beware of scam sites so your effort will never put to waste. Even how good a writer you are, you don't wanna be a loser by writing on a website that you thought will pay you.

1. Make a research before you start writing for a website if it pays writers or not.
2. Choose your niche, It is important to focus on your chosen niche.
3. Practice creative writing.
4. Plagiarism! Do not copy from other sites or blogs. It might be a reason for your article not to get paid. If you ever got an idea from a certain website, publish credits to the site.

this site pays per view, likes or comments that your article gets. They are becoming strict lately on implementing the rules so make sure that you read the rules first here to prevent deletion of your account.
                                          Payment Proof      

It has a very low  pay compared to other writing sites. But what I really admire about this website is they are sure to pay you once you acquire the minimum threshold of $.50 which they send every 10th day of the month. Many websites offer high pay but really doesnt pay. The secret to get a decent amount from Triond is to promote each of your article in different social sites. They also have sharing media buttons available like facebook, twitter, pinterest, digg, stumble upon,
                                             Payment Proof       

They pay pounds and not dollars.This is a good site for beginners since they have a very user friendly platform which allows you to choose keywords as they suggest. You will earn what they call nut points for every article and new referral that you acquire. They pay via paypal.

They will publish your articles and when your articles are approved, you will begin to earn money for every view. You will automatically get paid every 10th of the month when you reached the threshold amount that you set on your payment settings.

Since you are writing an original content why dont you sell it? You just register and write. This is one best marketplace for original articles. There are communities or website owners search over the net to buy articles. you just have to put a price on your article and the amount paid when someone buy your article will go directly to your Paypal account.

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