A Help to Good Appetite for My Baby

Just like any other mom, it worried me a lot when I noticed an appetite problem with my one year old son. 

I have introduced food to him when he was 4 months, and believe me when I say he is such a foodie. He likes every food that he sees. He constantly eats whatever you serve him and he always asking for food even after breastfeed. The funny part, whenever he sees anyone of us chewing, he starts moving his mouth, reach our mouths and doing his best to get whatever it is in our mouth which really makes us all laugh til we cry.

But just two weeks ago, I noticed he was not the same as before. I would never have imagined that he will turn to a picky-eater after he turned one year. I thought it might turn a serious health problem than we all think. 

I asked the doctor and he advised to change his food supplement, I observed until a week but nothing much happened. 

I am so happy that a friend of mine emailed me and adviced me what I should try to do. These are such big help for me to win his appetite back.

I stopped to allow everyone give him any sweets like lollipops and flavored chips. And when he gets hungry, he bound to eat whatever food I give him. 

Since he already eats with us on the table and ready for table foods, I make sure I prepare healthy and something he can easily chew. If I prepared a soup for breakfast, I will prepare something saucy at lunch to add variety. 


Now it really makes me so happy that he eats like before, his appetite finally found its way back! What surprises me lately is he loves to eat veggies, too. :) It really inspires me to be creative in preparing foods. Lately, I am drawn in finding recipes best for the whole family. Yay, you know another best part is, I am learning to cook different type of healthy foods. :D

Thanks to my friend, I really learned a lot. I am also sharing this to also help moms out there who has a problem with their picky eater kids.

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