Baby Bee Bubble Bath for My Baby

My youngest son has developed eczema when I have tried other Liquid Bath soap that is why I just sticked to one brand ever since he was three months old. When a friend sent Burt's Bee Baby Bee Bubble Bath as a gift last month on his first birthday, I was very skeptical weather to use it or not,. I know you moms can relate that I get so worried to try it or not. switching to other brands may cause or worsen eczema flare-ups to my baby's sensitive skin.

When I read on the label, it is 98.9% natural.
What it claims:
Made from a cleansing complex featuring Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil and Soy Proteins, this natural formula gently cleanses skin without irritation or drying.

• Tear-free and SLS-free
• Cleanses gently without irritation or drying
• Sulfate, phthalate, petrochemical and paraben-free
• Pediatrician-tested and hypo-allergenic
• Safe, effective and natural

If you are worried and skeptical in trying new  bath soaps because your son has a sensitive skin, I strongly suggest this product is a good try. It is specially made for baby's sensitive skin. It is very gentle and doesn't harm their skin. Yup, I gave it a try.

Ingredients: aqua (water, eau), decyl glucoside, coco-betaine, lauryl glucoside, sucrose laurate, glycerin, parfum (fragrance), betaine, sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein, coco-glucoside, glyceryl oleate, sodium chloride, xanthan gum, glucose, citric acid, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, limonene.
Natural moisturizers, Soy Proteins, are enriched with Vitamin B and essential minerals. Providing gentle moisturization and leaving your baby’s skin silky, soft and super smooth.

It has Soy Proteins, a natural moisturizer and enriched with Vitamin B and essential minerals. Providing gentle moisturization and leaving your baby’s skin silky, soft and super smooth.

My kids reaction:

  • Bathe time becomes bonding time. We are once kids and we know how kids like bubbles so much.
  • It has a very sweet honey smell and my kids were like MOMMA I smell pretty good now every after bath.
  • Their skin is moisturized and still smells nice even after they sweat.
  • It doesnt dry their hair. Unlike other liquid soaps I have tried that have made their hair frizzy.
  • It really makes them very excited during bathe time.

Me and hubby loves sniffing on their head, the sweet smell is very addictive.

The only challenge left for me now is how to stop them from taking too long on each bathe, lol. They are enjoying too much that it makes a trouble to get my child out of the bath. :) But that is another story.

Where to buy Burt's Bee Baby Bee Bubble Bath:
Any Beauty Bar store.
My friend bought it in Beauty Bar Store Pampanga Marquee Mall.

You can also order online on their website:

Facebook Page:


  1. Baby's skin is really sensitive. We have to be extra careful in choosing products for them. Those that were made of natural ingredients always work. I'm glad you found the right one for your baby. :)

  2. for sure this mild-scented baby soap is good for ever child. :)

  3. i love this!! even if my daughter is no longer a baby she still loves this product and she's always excited to use this product

  4. I cannot disagree with you when it comes to the still delicate skin of our kids. Our son has eczema as well and we have tried almost everything and it boils down to only one brand of moisturizer and bath soap.

  5. I will recommend this to my sister-in-law as it has natural ingredients that for sure babies will love. Bathing time will be easier.

  6. Looks like a product perfect for a Baby's sensitive skin. It's always safe to choose the right product for babies.

  7. I hope he gets well na. Try mo din to keep away from fabric conditioner.. kasi baka allergic sya dun if ever your using it. Glad you were able to find a good product for him. :)

  8. I love Burt's Bees products for all of us. I'm glad it's a "safe" product.

  9. I love Burt's Bees I swear by some of their products. I hope it helps out your little ones skin in the long term :) X

  10. I've heard a lot of good feedback for Burt's bees but I haven't tried it myself yet. If ever, I wanna go for their lipbalms. Good thing they're enjoying their bath but yes, you need to stop them as they might get colds naman. :) Sa packaging palang, mukhang okay to :D

  11. Wahh I don't know if my comment was published. I said a lot pa naman huhu. Anyway, from the packaging palang, it looks nice na and I remember honey from it :) Burt's bees has great products based from reviews I've heard. Happy to know it works well with your kids :)

  12. my daughter doesnt have sensitive skin though i always make sure her soap is good. i buy her soap and my soap too at body soap the organic one and smells good too!

  13. well, this looks like a good product.. I would recommend this to my older brother who recently had his first baby!! :)

  14. You are always on the alert as far as skin care for your kids. Experience tells everyone on what to do when things like these do happen. Reading the label not only gives everyone what the product is all about, but also makes everyone feels confident and assured that something good if not perfect will happen if the instructions on the label is followed.

  15. Kids really have sensitive skin. That is why brands like this with words from respective bloggers from you is very helpful for moms out there.

  16. My son loves bubble bath. I don't mind him taking a bath during the summer. I like to try this soap,perfect for my sons sensitive skin.

  17. mild soaps works great if you have a very sensitive skin just like Cetaphil and this baby bee bubble bath which is surprisingly ginagamit pala to ng tita ko sa kanyang 1 year old na son. :)