Extra Cool and Clean with pH Care Feminine Wipes

Ph Care Feminine Wipes is one of my ultimate necessities. I just couldn't leave home without this in my bag. Most especially during my monthly periods, it helps to take that 'icky' moments away and gives me cleaner, fresher feeling the rest of the day. I make it a part of my personal feminine hygiene, whether I am at home or not, I make sure to equip myself with it.

 Ph Care Feminine Wipes with Active Cool formula gives you extra cool freshness. It is a must have since we cannot carry feminine wash on all occasion especially when in public toilet that water is not always accessible. 

I am so happy that UNILAB came up with this product. Heads up to them! They really know what every girl needs. :)

Why I love Ph Care Feminine Wipes:
  • Very handy, I can even just put it in my pocket.
  • No itching because it is Hypo-allergenic.
  • It has a mild flowery scent and not smells like alcohol or soap.
  • Not too wet, unlike other brand I have tried that leaks on it's package making the rest of my stuff wet.
  • It gives extra cool freshness.
  • Resealable so it will not dries up fast. 
  • Easily available. You can find in local grocery stores.

Each pack has ten (10) wipes. It is sure not to give irritating feeling because it is hypo-allergenic, alcohol free and clinically tested.

Learn the basics and follow these easy steps on how to use Ph Care Feminine Wipes:
  • Open resealable label and pull out wipe.
  • Reseal Label immediately after use to prevent drying.
  • Gently wipe feminine area.
  • Do not use on infected area.

So lovelies, be geared up with Ph Care Feminine Wipes at all times!

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Disclosure: Unilab has provided the author with samples of the PH Care Feminine Wipes. The author received no compensation and all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly her own.

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