Blogging is one great way on how you can earn money online. Setting up a blog is easy. There are free platforms you can use such as blogger, wordpress, weebly, etc. However, it really depends on you how much money you can generate from your blogs. You must be aware of ways on how to earn from your blogs.

Here is a list of websites that can help you to earn money from your blogs. 

1. Social Spark

This is powered by IZEA together with Sponsored Tweets and PayPerPost. There are two ways on how you can earn from Social Spark. Referral Program and Post Offers. All you need to do is to register your blogs and any of your posts, set your price and you just have to wait for offers. You have the option whether to accept any offer or not. In some instances you need to negotiate with the price depending on what the offer requires.

2. Bucks2Blog 
I have been earning from here. I will link here my Payment proof. This is one of the awesomest (is that EVEN a word?) site I stumble upon. I will also write a complete review about this site. :D (update: This site had already stopped.)

I just registered here couple of days ago. You will find different offers for bloggers here.You will see if the offer is for USA, Canada or Worldwide. Look at the Job Board.

4. Tomoson
They have many opportunities  for USA and Canada bloggers. You will find companies who are looking for product reviewers. They also have worldwide opps. They also require you to connect your profile with all your social networking sites profiles including Google Analytics. Check out the website and see which offer fits you best.

5. Educents
I just found out about this website recently. I  browsed on their offers and their offers focuses mainly on children education. This is best opportunity for mommies.You can browse their programs and choose which one you like to post on your blog.

6. Glitter Network
Once you log in, browse through our offers and start making blog posts about the ones your visitors may enjoy. Just include your “Tracking Link” and a banner in your posts, and you'll start earning money from our offers!

7. Blogsvertise
This requires your facebook and twitter account to connect with your profile. You have the option whether to accept or decline an offer. I have received three offers already.

8. PayU2Blog

They require PR 1 + blogs and with own domain name. At first, I have receiving a lot of task from them, but lately I can only receive 3 or 4 every cut off which is every 15 days. Payment is through Paypal This is one good recommendation if you are looking to earn from your blog. They will send you assignments and you need to comply within the deadline(1 -7 days). 

9. Sponsored Reviews

Aside from those sites that pay bloggers, you can also earn by display ads.

Google Ads - This is where most bloggers earn from displaying ads to their websites.
Chitika - This is an alternative if your site is not approved by Google Ads.

I will update this list so stay tuned! :D