Oh MY! Its already mid-August and I just remembered my monthly Residual income post. I really had a very busy July that a 24 hours a day is no longer enough for me to catch up on a lot of things especially in blogging, I have been way too busy with my full time work which I have decided to just do it part time starting this month. I sometimes feel my children were neglected due to my busy schedule with work.

And with that being said, I was not able to work on quite much on those websites for my residual income to share with you. For those who are first time to read this, I do this because I also wanna give people an idea of how and where to earn online.

Here is a breakdown of my July residual income.

iPanel my third redemption is $12.20 which is equivalent to Php500.

Fiverr I can't believe my highest number of gigs on que is JULY. First time of  7 gigs on que for my data entry gig. Too bad, I was not able to have it all done due to my hectic schedule. And to add the fact that their website is not accessible most of the time. I am actually surprised that it is not only me who is also experiencing the same thing. I have received few messages telling me they cannot access the site as well. By the way, I earned $120.

Bucks2Blog, perhaps you wonder why I have two posts of reviews in a certain day, it is because of Bucks2Blog's sponsored posts. They send two reviews in a week. You will be paid weekly, exactly 6 days after you have completed the task. I earned a total of $60.

Social Spark it is a very awesome website, that's all. I cant say much about them. $40

PaidviewPoint this is a survey site and you need to visit the site everyday for surveys. I will post my payment proof on a different post. $25

That's all I got for my month of July residual income. A total of $257.20.

 Next month, I hope it is much higher XD and I will try to add some websites for most of my readers who are looking for additional income.

Benjamin Franklin
“A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”
Benjamin Franklin