What Keeps Zeus Busy On Rainy Days

2:13 AM

How is your week everyone?
I pray everyone is safe.

It has been raining for a week now because of the typhoon and classes were all suspended. It is a long vacation for students, which really makes my son feel bad. 

He loves school so much, He misses everything about school, the activities, fun and his classmates.

This is actually three books in one set. But he only got two left when he gave one book to his friend who also loves to have this kind of book.  And I am always so proud of him for being very generous with his friends. I remember Hubby bought him one set of Harcourt  Art Everywhere book two years ago. 

 His face lighted up when I brought out the art book. Now, he has something to keep himself busy.

Harcourt School Publishers Art Everywhere: Student Edition Grade 2 2006

It has a hard cover and it contains different art work activities for kids. What I love about this book, the illustrations were nicely done and fit the instructions well. The instruction itself is an easy read, flowing from page to page. They are just incredible and make the book very pleasing to the eye of children. 

The materials needed for the art activities are not something I will struggle to find. The activities are all simple but fun. 



My son started with his dog and rabbit origami. You might get confused on the rabbit origami, he said he likes the rabbit to have a dark spot on the eye just like the dog. :D

My Zeus seemed so cheerful while working on his projects this rainy season. I like the interest he shows on art and I am always behind him to support him on whatever he loves to do.

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  1. That's cute.

    My nieces and nephews also love art works. They would even let me join them.

    Exposing and encouraging him with arts will widen his knowledge.

    Go Zeus!

  2. This is a great activity for a child especially when he has nothing to do in the house. Parents could also help the children for more fun! :D

  3. Nice that Zeus can find something to keep him busy..
    Interesting find I'd say..
    I remember being so enamored with art as a kid.

    nay! I was sick during this whole ordeal of inclement weather, its cold, and its not very comforting when your having chills from flu.

  4. wow i would be delighted if I can learn how to do this origami!! my daughter loves puzles drawing and colouring

  5. I'm glad that you're all safe and dry in these days. What's even better is that your kid is learning to hone creativity with the use of these materials.

  6. That looks like an interesting book though this is the first time that I've read about it. It would be nice to have those books to keep the kiddos busy and creative :)

  7. It's nice that he keeps himself productive even on rainy days. There are a lot of indoor activities for rainy days too.

  8. We still don't know what our 3-year old son like to have. He is still about to go to school this September but while in the house is likes colors and clay.

  9. Its good to have other fun activities for kids to do when not in school. My apo also love doing doodles.

  10. I remember when I was in elementary I used to borrow books about origami and enjoy doing it at home.

  11. It's nice to see when your kids are interested doing such activities. High five for a supportive and pretty mommy! <3

  12. Oh I love that this offers so many activities for kids. My kids tend to get very antsy being cooped up for too long of a time, so we would definitely get use of this. Thanks

  13. wow this is so cute, my niece and nephew would love this!

  14. This book can certainly provide good activity ideas when the children start to complain they have nothing to do.

  15. Kids gets easily bored so we need to give them some things to do. my son is not into art work, he wants to play around the house, no tv and computer, just play with his toys.

  16. Oh, now I miss doing crafts! I really nice to do things like that when it's raining cats and dogs outside. ♥ =)

  17. It looks like your kid has a wonderful future and career on arts.


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