What Keeps Zeus Busy On Rainy Days

How is your week everyone?
I pray everyone is safe.

It has been raining for a week now because of the typhoon and classes were all suspended. It is a long vacation for students, which really makes my son feel bad. 

He loves school so much, He misses everything about school, the activities, fun and his classmates.

This is actually three books in one set. But he only got two left when he gave one book to his friend who also loves to have this kind of book.  And I am always so proud of him for being very generous with his friends. I remember Hubby bought him one set of Harcourt  Art Everywhere book two years ago. 

 His face lighted up when I brought out the art book. Now, he has something to keep himself busy.

Harcourt School Publishers Art Everywhere: Student Edition Grade 2 2006

It has a hard cover and it contains different art work activities for kids. What I love about this book, the illustrations were nicely done and fit the instructions well. The instruction itself is an easy read, flowing from page to page. They are just incredible and make the book very pleasing to the eye of children. 

The materials needed for the art activities are not something I will struggle to find. The activities are all simple but fun. 



My son started with his dog and rabbit origami. You might get confused on the rabbit origami, he said he likes the rabbit to have a dark spot on the eye just like the dog. :D

My Zeus seemed so cheerful while working on his projects this rainy season. I like the interest he shows on art and I am always behind him to support him on whatever he loves to do.

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