Potty training may one of the toughest challenge for most parents. Parents may start potty training their kids at the age of 18 months but it can also be later than age 36 months. Children are different. Some kids learn at an early age but some take time to learn. It is best not to be pressured by parents, family, friends, or other parents. It really takes a lot of patience teaching your child to learn how to pee-pee or poop without his diaper or underpants on. Make sure your child is ready before you implement the proper training for your child.

Signs that your little one is ready for potty training.
  • When your little ones started to show desire for independence.
  • Your child imitates actions or activities.
  • Can already follow simple instructions.
  • If he shows an interest in using the potty.
  • He can already  pull down his pants, underpants.
  • Your child can already express the need to go wee or poo verbally in his own way. Kids have different ways on how.
  • If he can keep his diaper dry for longer hours than before.

Here are potty training equipments which you can use for your little ones.

Mother Care Potty Training Set. 
It also comes with potty underpants 

photos taken from their facebok page.



Baby 1st Potty Trainer with Handle 



For Parents: 
Do not force your child, he must be willingly do it. Forcing your child to do it can do no good, it might cause fear or it will take much longer time to learn. You know your child best, use the best timing.