Traveling together, a very exciting family bonding which everyone looks forward to. As a mom, you are assigned in making sure all important things are packed and ready before your travel. Aside from the foodies, clothes, money and water, what else should be added on your list?

How about including these essentials in your travel packing list.

Headache Eliminator
It is a big hassle when kids suddenly feel dizzy on the road. It is always best to pack yourself with a balm that you can easily apply to temples. 
When I was a kid, I remember I always feel dizzy on the bus or on airconditioned vehicles. How I wish this has already existed that time.

Zenutrients All is Well Balm Php250.00
Natural and safe for kids made with Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Peppermint, White Tea, Vetiver and Virgin Coconut Oil. This is also great for mosquito bites and for soothing minor bumps & bruises.

When you are outdoor, you are exposed in all kinds of bacteria. I always make sure each of our personal bags has a sanitizer in it. It is very convenient to use when there is no soap and water available. Just a pea-sized amount can be spread between your hands and fingers and then rubbed together until dry. Hand sanitizer helps to prevent the spread of germs and to keep the kid's hands clean.

HumanHeartNature Kids All Natural Spray Sanitizer Php 59.50
This is your kids bodyguard to help protect him from bad bacteria, germs, and nasty chemicals. It is composed of sugar-cane derived ethyl alcohol and water.It also has a great smell!


Mosquito Repellent Lotion
It is always important to defend everyone's skin from mosquito bites. It is better to wear a protection than to suffer from the infection those insects can give, not to mention the marks tee insect bites leave on our skin.

HumanHeartNature Natural Bug Shield Deet-free Lotion Php94.75
Dermatologist tested and made with natural ingredients. It protects skin from insect bites. Read my review here.

When we travel, those are most of my family's favorite products that never leave our traveling bag. It is more of a relief to carry a protection with your family anywhere you may go.

“Travel, in the younger sort,  is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.”     -Francis Bacon, Sr.