When I gave birth to my eldest, one of the main problem that I encountered was the bathing time.

I used to be scared in bathing my baby and always get a help from my mom or anyone in the neighborhood who knows how to bathe a newborn. Drowning and scalding are the major risks for babies in the bath. I used to have a big fear that I may lose control of my hands and drown my child during bathing because they are very slippy when wet. I was afraid that the water might get in my baby's ears or the umbilical cord might bleed, especially if their umbilical cord stump hasn't healed yet.

They say it is normal because a newborn body is so soft and fragile that anyone who holds them might feel they might hurt the baby. 

I am pretty sure every Mom out there can relate to this. I am so glad that in my second baby, I was able to eliminate that fear. 

If you are expecting a baby on the way, make sure you know how to bathe your newborn.
If you have the budget, you can buy a bath tub especially made for bathing babies. 

But if you are on a tight budget, just place two layers of towel on the table or on the floor (anywhere you are comfortable enough while holding your baby) and carefully put your baby on it.

Make sure before water touches your baby, you get all the needed things prepared like soap/baby wash, baby towel,baby clothes, etc. 

Here is a video on how to bathe your baby. I also suggest to have your husband to watch it as well. It is nice to have his participation to create a strong bond with your baby.