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This is what I usually do every after a month, a post of how much is added to my account from a few legit websites I tried. So for my month of August, I think it is way better than my previous months.

Month of August was a lot busy than I thought. The weather gave my two boys a  flu. I  am glad they are both okay now. So most of my time for the month  of August was dedicated to taking care of my offsprings. But hey, I got a good number!

Here is a run down of how much I earned as my residual income for the month of August.

Fiverr $250.00

Bucks2Blog $30.00

Humanatic $15.00

Bubblews $25.00

A total of $320.00

Obviously, Fiverr is outperforming the others.

I believe there are, plenty of freelance writers and internet marketers who regularly do far better. But the money I earned is not bad at all, isn't it?

The thing about residual income is that it can be fickle, and follow a feast trajectory at times. But when I look at earnings over a time frame of weeks and months, oh MY it evens out to a more predictable pattern. The key is not to expect single-day highs but to work strategically for long-term growth and income. And that's what I'm doing now and what you should also do especially if you have an internet and computer, dont waste time browsing your social sites for nothing. Make use of it and you can also earn more money from your social sites. More on the coming posts.... :D