Remodeling the bathroom vanities in your home can be an exciting process. Buying anything new can be fulfilling and adventurous, especially when you are able to do most of the work by yourself. Hard work and beautiful furnishings can help you feel satisfied in the home that you are in.

Size Matters
When deciding upon what style to choose from regarding the furnishings of your rooms, size matters, particularly within restrooms. If the room is too crowded, it leaves the people inside it feeling cluttered, disorganized, and they have a lack of space. However, if the counter and sink are too small, it makes the room echo and seem cold and empty.

Most counters and cabinets come in standard sizes, however, these standards have changed over the years. Meaning, houses that were built in the 1960s have different size regulations than homes built within the last decade or so. You must measure your space before you buy something in order to know if it will work or not in the space.

One couple was thinking of changing the look of their small washroom underneath their stairs. Wanting to brighten and open the small room up, they decided to change the sink. A pedastal would be a great idea, however, they would lose the small storage place that they had in their cabinets under the sink. While shopping at a local home improvement store, they found an affordable option. It was a small sink with a cabinet. Once they brought it home, though, it was too small to take up the entire space, but too large to fit anything else around it, such as shelving. Since it would leave such an odd-shaped empty space, they had to give up on their plans and take the sink back.

Bathroom Vanities 20" to 29"


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Unique Chinese Style

If you have the correct measurements and you know what to do in order to fill any small gaps that may occur due to odd sizes, you are ready to choose your style. bathroom vanities can come with beautiful details, including specialized Chinese structures that are made from real wood, porcelain, and marble. The details are remarkable—it is like have a piece of artwork in your home.