How to Make Sure Your Child Eats Healthy at School?

As parents, we always wanted to make sure that our child eats healthy and nutritious foods. But what if they are in a place that we cannot see them? For example, in school. You might wonder how to monitor the foods they eat even when we are not around. 

Here are ways on how to make sure that your child only eats healthy foods at school.

Prepared Packed Meal
This is the best advice I can give. You have all the authority in the world on what food to pack. However, you should also consider the child's preference. Only include the foods he enjoys because if not, chances are he will just give the food away or trade with other classmates with junk foods.

Create Variety
They easily get fed up if you give the same food three times a week. Be creative. Research some Bento Box ideas or make a simple menu plan with different ideas everyday. I am sure this will excite your kid.

They are in the crucial stage where they can easily deceived with what they see. A classmate is eating this colorful lollipop that your kid would feel envy about. We cannot take them the privilege to enjoy childhood and taste those sweet junkies. What we can do as parents, educate them on when they are allow to eat junk foods and when they are not.

Giving Money
As much as possible, avoid giving money to your kid as long as your kid is not responsible enough of what is the appropriate stuff to buy. The money might end up spent in toys and other material stuff instead of foods.

Cooperate With the Teacher
Talk to the teacher and ask help on how to educate your child not to patronage junk foods. The health benefits of eating nutritious foods. And also to monitor your child not to buy unnecessary foods from the school canteen. We know it, some school canteens really sell those junkies but we really can not do anything about that, but to just seek help to teacher to avoid your kids from buying unhealthy foods.