October Residual Income

I am so sorry for not updating you about my residual income last month. As what I always say, I am on  a busy mode most of the time lately. Many of my readers are waiting for this post so here is the breakdown of my residual income for the month of October. This is not to brag of how much I earn, this is just to also give ideas on which websites pay for real.

Bubblews $26 I actually have three pending payments from them but I am still thankful that they paid my last redemption.

iPanel $12.25 it took me two weeks to complete the 8points needed to cash out. I am not sure what happened but it seems like they were running short of surveys. It happens but when the surveys comeback, its gonna be two or three at a time and easier to complete your points for the next cash out

Fiverr $110
As always, Fiverr really gives me a big reason to smile!

A total of  $148.25. I know not much because I needed to keep up with tons of work lined up for me and really struggle to work for my residual income sites. I have discovered few other sites that pays in exchange of small tasks. I will blog about that on the coming days, better watch out for that. 

Also this month, I have worked on other sites and I already received payment. I will share that to all of you.  In the meantime, I will work on my reviews.

Til next time!

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