Prizes I Got from Lhyziebongon.Com

I am more than thankful that the month of October gave me so much blessings. As what I have said in my previous posts,  Central Luzon were affected by the past typhoon that made me invisible for more than two weeks online because of the power outage. That was the longest power outage I have ever experienced my whole life and it was one of the biggest hassles ever. Most especially if you have little kids, you now how their little minds wanted to explore. My eldest son almost got our house burnt. But that is a long story to tell, haha,. Well this post should actually talk about the great things happened, not the opposites.

Month of October, I have won on several giveaways. My friends and family know how dedicated I am on joining giveaways, hihi! Although I seldom win, I just can't let any chance to pass.

I am so happy to meet a co-blogger Lhyzie Bongon, she is very friendly and nice. By the way, she just gave birth to her first baby, Congratulations!

 I won her October Reader of the Month on her blog and here are my prizes!

I also won the KKcenterHK Giveaway held on her other blog, Becoming A Butterfly! My prizes are Hair Straightener Iron and Hair Curling Hot Stick. But I havent received the latter yet, I am still waiting for the package to arrive. I believe it's on it's way to me. For now, here is the hair Straightener Iron.

Visit her blog and join her ongoing giveaways! We actually collaborated on an International Giveaway on my other blog  together with 7 other bloggers, you should join because we have so much prizes for the winners. Click Here!

Thanks so much sis Lhyzie!

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