Additional Income this Holiday Season

Yeah,I know it's raining tips on my blogs for the coming holidays. Hihi,. well, does it shows how excited I am for the holiday season? I have been working all day and all night to prepare my wallet  on the coming expenses until this year ends. I am actually thinking of ways on how to have additional income for the holiday season which I can also share with my readers. Well, today I would like to share ways on how to make use of the season to earn money even you are just at home.

1. Garage Sale. The next month is January and you should start the year with a clean and clutter-free home! Sell those paintings, old baby chairs, curtains, furnitures or cooking wares that had been sitting in your storage room. Clean your closet and get rid of those clothes, shoes or curtains you cannot longer use.

2. Crafty. If you are talented and have great ideas in mind that takes an effort to also put it into work, then you can take it as an opportunity to earn as well as to showcase your talent. I believe all of us have a unique ability of creativity, some just don't take it seriously while some were just lazy. Haha, I think I belong to the latter

3. Resell. If you have all the resources, why not? You can get in much lower prices if you buy in bulks and resell it individually. This could also be a good opportunity that can run on a longer  term. Only products that are basically in demand in seasons like this and watch how your money multiply.

4. Foods/Pastries. Most pastries sold in boxes are in demand this season just like what you usually see party hosts use as giveaways on parties, If you know how to make pastries, bake cakes or cook good foods, make it a business. Most people were busy and no longer have enough time to prepare foods to take in parties and gatherings. Take advantage of it!

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