Christmas Gift Ideas: Spend Less

Are you done with your gift shopping yet? Me, I have already completed halfway of my list. Still have a lot needed to buy. I did a shopping last time I received my salary and will continue the other half on the next pay day, that is more convenient for me to easily make ends meet despite of the holiday expenses.

It is fun shopping for gifts however if you have a limited budget like me with a long list of  friends and lovedones on the gift list, I have discovered great ways on how to fit it all in.

1. SALE items are everywhere and I needed to canvass items from different stores just to make sure I can get the best possible budget-friendly price. If you are pro enough in hunting, you might get the best deals in the market, buy one take one deals!

2. Gift Sets. especially mde as ready to give gifts. Am I making sense? The price is already discounted if you buy gift sets. I really love receiving gift sets. These gift sets already have their prices slashed. and the idea of more than one product on a single box is quite exciting for the receiver. It can be hair or skin care, fragrance or school items. they sell it in a more affordable price than buying items individually.

3. Resort to DIY. If you are crafty and have a talent in creating costumized stuffs then go ahead and do it. it will save you a lot!

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