Guide How Not to Overspend This Holiday Season

Christmas is in the air and people are starting to get busy shopping and preparing for the season.

I really find shopping on holidays really full of adventure. You could either hit the motherlode or leave empty handed. Most especially when you go to shopping with no SHOPPING PLAN. Although you have the budget, try not to overspend. Here are ways on how you can spend less by Shopping wisely. 

  • Set your budget on how much you just have to spend in shopping for the gifts, foods and family necessities. It is good if you can do a list and stick to it. This will help you set the right amount for every shopping that will take place.

  • Shop on supermarkets where you can get the same product on a cheaper or lesser price. 

  • The New Year celebration is just few days after Christmas. Might as well make an advance shopping for the New Year and include it on your Christmas shopping to save you time, money and effort!

  • Take advantage of the red tags. SALE is everywhere and you can easily get great deals and a lot of steals. Just be patient in roaming around and it is also advisable not to bring kids while shopping.

  • Make a good estimate. Preparing foods more than you can consume is a big No-No. Most especially if you don't know how to recycle the left overs. So, don't prepare too many foods, more than your expected visitor.

  • Avoid overspending. Don't bring your credit cards if you have cash on hand. Temptation is everywhere. That way, it will less the chances you get items more than your alloted budget.

This year, let's try not to be so targeted on having the prosperous dinner, or discovering the expensive present for someone. In these difficult financial periods, the economy is dealing with poverty, spending more than necessary is just very untimely. Our table may have lesser foods than last year, the most important is the spirit of Christmas is in our hearts. Be thankful and show it!

Happy Holidays!

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