Keep It Clean: Home Maintenance Programs

It can be a lot of work to maintain a home. Whether it is a matter of when you last had your air filters changed, last replaced your garbage disposal, or last had your chimney cleared out, it can be hard to keep track of all that needs to be done. Fortunately, there are home maintenance programs out there that can help you with all of this. They can help you come up with a home cleaning and maintenance schedule, arranged and personalized however you please. Following are some ideas to help you do this.

Daily Tasks

There are some things that need to be done daily. If you divide these small chores up among the family members and do it the minute after the area has been used, it won’t take up a lot of time. For example, having the men of the house wipe down the sink and counter after they shave is a necessity. Making sure each family member washes his or her cereal bowl after breakfast is another easy thing. Having someone do the dishes after dinner might be helpful if everyone takes turns. This will prevent the dishes from piling up. Other daily chores include making beds, doing a load of laundry, and sweeping the kitchen floor.

Weekly Tasks

You can also divide up your tasks on a weekly basis. For example, you can choose to vacuum on Mondays, clean mirrors and windows on Tuesdays, clean toilets and tubs on Wednesdays, and mop floors on Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays can be used to do any other necessary thing like cleaning furniture, scrubbing the oven and microwave, cleaning the fridge, or cleaning baseboards. Or you may consider designating a Saturday cleaning day and dividing these chores up among the family members.

Seasonal Tasks

Other things may be necessary depending on the season. For example, you may need to get your chimney cleared every fall before you start using the fireplace. The air filters may need to be changed before hot weather starts up. The tasks can vary depending on where you live. Home maintenance programs
can help you know what to do and when to do it so that your home is maintained in the easiest, most efficient way possible.

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