Pampering My Face

12:32 PM

Who doesn't love to pamper her face? Pampering our face doesn't have to be costly. Well, this busy momma just found a new way on how to treat my skin without going to spend a lot of time and penny. Since my time won't allow me to go to beauty salons for skincare treatments, I resort to using skincare products that doesn't irritate my skin.

If you have a love for makeups, you also need to give your face a break from all those cosmetics you put on your face. Lately, I have been loving to use this Hayan Korea Mask Sheet. I got it as a prize on a giveaway I joined and ended up buying more after I tried it.

It claims to transform dull and irregular skintone into a clear young looking skin. I really like the soothing effect it gives everytime I use it.

One thing I don't like about it though, one evening as I lay beside my son, out of nowhere he screamed so loud. When I checked on him, he was looking at my face. Well now,  he get used to see me wearing this mask. It doesn't scare him anymore.

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