I am glad that I was able to get a chance to review a product from TMART

TMART is a legit online store that sells variety of good quality and affordable items. I also like some of the unique items they sell. They do offer free shipping regardless the number of items you purchased. 

TMART sent me this 12 Colors Earth Tone Eyeshadow Makeup Palette. They emailed me on Dec. 04 and the parcel was ready to pick up from our local post office last Dec.19. But few digits of my contact number written on the envelope was kinda faded and nobody could figure out which is which so they just waited for someone to claim the parcel. It was just three days ago when I thought to check on the post office if it arrived or not. It really made me smile soo BIG when it was there!


Allow me to give you a detailed overview of the product I received.

The palette was inside a small EMS envelope wrapped with bubble wrap, just like any package to make sure that the item is secured while on route.

PACKAGING: Pretty sturdy packaging. Comes on a smooth tin, no scratch, stain or discoloration. The locks were tight enough and each pot were properly placed. 

BRUSH: It includes a dual ended brush for shading and blending. No shedding when I first washed it. It's very lightweight The only downside is it's not that dense.

There are 12 Colors Earth Tone shades in this palette:

A matte white shade with a hint of light cream which is good for highlighting. It doesn't show up sometimes so it needs a decent primer.

Frosty golden copper with shimmer. Very pigmented.

I like the name of this shade. It looks like Foxy but it has a matte finish. I also use it for highlighting and also in the inner corner of my eyes. It has minimal fallouts.

Orange toned shimmery copper which is very pretty shade. 

It hardly shows up on my skin. Among all shades in this palette, this one has the least pigment. Its a matte light Antique fuchsia. I am not really sure how to describe this shade. I have tried to use this as a base for a smokey purple look and it did good as a base just make sure never forget to use a primer.

A shimmery Otter Brown with golden shimmer sheen. 

Frosty dark tan. At first glance, it looks the same with Snake Bite because of the shimmer sheen. I like that they both have a good color pay-off.

Frosty dark gray. It looks intimidating on the pan but I really like the shade on my eyelid. I like to wear it on a smokey look. 

I really like this shade. It is a sheen gray white with a bit of pink undertone. 

Frosted medium copper with a pink undertone. It's like a lighter Chopper when swatched on my arms.

Very pigmented purple with a brown and gray side sheen. If that makes sense. This is one of my favorite shade in this palette because it is pretty when blended with Tease. 

Matte black shade. This is the most pigmented shade in this palette.

Since I am keen on eyeshadows, I could make a lot of different looks from it from day to night makeup. It would get a lot of day to day use. I recommend this palette if you are short in budget since it makes a great deal. All shades have decent pigmentation and not a single shade is chalky. It still has a great quality on a very affordable price tag. I am satisfied with the longevity. Just like any eyeshadows, it takes a lot longer to fade with primer. Also, some shades show up better with a primer. 

I am also impressed with the durability of this palette. I am naturally clumsy most specially when I feel some sort of excitement or when I am stressed. I have actually dropped the palette twice for about 3 to 4 ft high but there was no single shadow broken! There was no deformation and the pans were still in place.

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Disclosure: TMART has provided the Author with the product for free. The author received no compensation and all thoughts and opinions provided are strictly her own.