One of the disappointing and heartbreaking moment is to see your baby's skin suffering from diaper rashes.

It was one of those nightmares when my youngest suffered from diaper rashes. It happened when I bought a different brand of diaper, different from what he was currently using that time. I had no plans of changing brands in the first place. it was just the store where I shop ran out of stock on the size of diaper I need. Since I was in a hurry that time, it was late and the stores were near closing, I never hesitated buying the available diaper that they offered. I always buy in bulk so I grabbed the biggest pack available. 

The next day, when I was about to change his diaper, I felt so guilty when I saw a big part of his skin full of rashes and redness. I did not let him use the same diaper again to avoid the nappy rash to get worst. 

It helped a lot when I used Dermo Soothing Wipes and Vitamin Barrier Cream from MUSTELA. It helped with the treatment process and there was not even any signs of rashes on the third day I used these two products together. I swear by it because ever since I used it to my baby, he never experienced diaper rashes anymore. 

I always share my experience to other parents like me. specially to those who has new born babies since they have the most sensitive skin. I am glad I was able to find the right product for my baby without further experimenting for other brands. 

Oh , that experience was a BIG lesson for me!