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Having a proper skin care routine helps to improve your skin and prevent from drying out. Remember, aside from the foods we eat, it is also important to maintain a skin care routine using the right skin care products to achieve that healthy looking skin we always wanted.

There are a lot of skincare products in the market these days. But all promise to give you a beautiful skin you wanted. There are vitamin c serums, Hyaluronic Acid, horse oil, snail extract, and a lot more that has great skin benefits. Don't get too overwhelmed, you do not have to try all of them at once. Choose carefully based on your skin's current condition, do your research before you try it.

Lately, I am very conscious on the products I use on my face. I used to just wash my face with my regular soap and put on my moisturizer. Since I am a mom on the go and I really need to hurry up or at least do everything in a breeze as possible, I do not pile up products to use every morning and even before I sleep.

It's funny, I put a lot of products on brute force, lol. I have been trying out different skin care products to know which one works best for my skin. I gravitate towards using different skin care products in the morning and different from what I use at night. 

So here is my current morning skin care routine:

  • iWhite Korea Moisturizing Facial Wash Pack Php28.00 
  • Kojie-san Cleanser Toner Php 50.00
  • Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer with SPF 15 Php1.950.00
  • QuickFX Eyelift Cream Php49.00

Here is my current night skin care routine:

So far, I am happy with my current skin condition. It is way softer than before. Also, I don't break out as much as before. My skin's needs changes from time to time due to weather and activities I do, so I am not sure which among my current skin care products deserves my loyalty. And, I still have a lot of skin care products lined up to try. 

I make sure to update you on the results and do reviews on products I haven't reviewed yet. 

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