10 Reasons Me and Hubby Never Celebrate FEB.14

It's the time of the year again, the day most lovers have been waiting for... the Hearts day. Me and hubby don't actually celebrate valentines days. But we do greet each other. Many have been asking why we never celebrate on Feb.14 that is why I listed 10 main reasons behind it. The past Valentines Days, we just spent the day at home, cook something we both love to eat then watch movies together while enjoying a snack til we both knocked out. At times, the movie is on but we ended up talking about a lot of things like reminiscing the past. We go back to those days when we were both young during our first year together. Isn't it sweet for marriage couples when they laugh about themselves and talk about how they have developed love until to that very moment.

10 Reasons why we never find something special as a couple on a Valentines Day:

  • Valentines Day has always to be weekdays when we are both busy with work and everyday chores.
  • Hubby doesn't like giving flowers. Why waste money for something which is withered the next day?
  • Getting himself clipped between big crowds at the mall annoys him. Valentines Day is one of the days when shopping malls were filled of couples and friends dating, on going sales and events.
  • I don't like dating out on weekdays because I don't get to enjoy the entire moment of dating scene. How could you enjoy a date when you need to rush at home to see how the kids were doing when the kids are out of our sight.
  • Long lines on a resto/fastfood until its his turn annoys him so much.
  • We prefer to cook our own foods.
  • Getting inside a crowded cinema where he might have hard time in looking seats for us makes him dizzy.
  • We prefer to celebrate any occasion with the kids. Really, we can never go out on a date without the presence of the kids. (I am so sorry for being redundant.)
  • I prefer gifts on the most unexpected moment than when there is an occasion. It's given that everytime there is an occasion. he makes an effort to give a special something or do something special. But what really amaze me is when he do those sweet little gestures on days when it's least expected.
  • Me and hubby believe that we can make everyday a Valentines day until we get old. It doesn't need to have a certain date to celebrate hearts day because we both cherish the love we have everyday. 

Who needs one day to celebrate a day filled with LOVE when we can make everyday of our lives filled with so much LOVE.

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