Chocolate formed food supplement, that is CalChews Calcium Soft Chews + Vitamins D & K Food Supplement. 

Who else here is having a bit hard time in swallowing capsule or tablet like me? I honestly having a hard time in swallowing capsule or tablet. For some reason, it makes me feel nauseous. Because of that, it sometimes makes me feel lazy taking food supplements. 

I like the idea that it comes in a delicious chewy chocolate flavored form. It contains Calcium and Vit. D and K, to help protect and strengtens bones and teeth, minus the risk of heart disease.

For my 4th Sample Room haul, I got 2 boxes of CalChews. I got two different flavors. 

Chocolate Calcium and Caramel Calcium. 

Each box contains 15 soft chews. Both flavors don't have any hint of food supplement or medicine taste/smell in it prior to chewing it until it melt on your mouth. The taste of CalChews Chocolate Calcium brings back a lot of chldhood memories. Because it really tastes like my favorite chocolate that I used to always buy in the supermarket. I am not sure if you were familiar with the chocolate called LALA. the square dark brown chocolate with transparent cover and diamond lines on it. That's the exact taste of the Chocolate Calcium. 

The taste of CalChews Caramel Calcium tastes a lot like Champi Chocolate. The one that you could buy from random stores which has caramel inside when you chew it. I also like the taste. If you are too much a chocolate loover, you might not get hold of it and you might end up eating more than one in a day. lol. 

I am glad to have tried this. Thanks Sample Room!