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Choking Toddler

3:08 PM

My son was choked last night while we were having dinner. He is turning 2 on July and his tooth were almost complete so his pedia already allowed us to give him any foods that he could chew. The last thing I remember, he was chewing a sandwich which his older brother gave him. I knew he is good at eating sandwiches since I always prepare him sandwich for snack and sometimes for breakfast. I just saw him wide eyed while his mouth opened and was making choking sounds.

I immediately grabbed him and stood behind him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and my fist positioned on his stomach , thumb side in, just below his ribcage and wrap my other hand around my fist. After three quick thrusts, we all felt relieved to see the wet unchewed pinch size toast threw up on the floor. Who would have thought it could lodge in his throat since he loved eating sandwiches for so many months now and never choked even once when he was younger. 

After I saw his face got back to it's color. All that I could remember, for few minutes, it was like the world has stopped to me and I was out of breath for few moments.

So please moms, always have your kids supervised. It might not the foods they eat but somethings that they usually hold like toys and other small stuffs. 

If the same thing have to happen to your little ones, you know what to do. Don't panic and just do what I did.

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  1. First and foremost, don't panic, apply First Aid at once, and that's you did. Glad that you know this process.

  2. It's nice that you know the first aid for those who are choking. Mothers should really know this so they can help in case somebody chokes.

  3. It was a good thing you knew exactly what to do. That is every parent's nightmare.

  4. I'm so happy to know he's okay and that you know the maneuver. I would've panicked or something had it been me.

  5. Oh wow that is so scary!! It happened with my daughter she swallowed a bit of paper I reached into her mouth and pulled the paper out.

  6. Wow. That must have been scary. Glad you knew what to do and that he's okay.

  7. Got that kind of experience sis when my eldest was two years old then, honestly I panic. But my mother was there to help her 'apo'. Hahahahaha....iba talaga pag may alam ka sa first aid.


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