Godiva Goodies


I should have published this post last month but it took me just now to put it up. This is just a post about a prize I received last Christmas. It was during Godiva's Christmas Giveaway. I never thought I was going to be lucky enough to won.

This was sent to me last month but it was just today that I found time to post it. I was one of the 30 lucky winners of Godiva's Christmas Giveaway. They sent me my prizes last month that includes three full sized soaps and one Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. 

I have been using Godiva for the past few months, both the soap and the anti-perspirant. I can say that they both fit me well. I never experienced any negative skin reaction like redness or allergy. Godiva is safe to use because it is made up of natural ingredients. It also contains high level of whitening ingredients. I have tried their lotion and it felt good to my skin as well.

I shared the prizes with my mom and she also loved it.

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