To modify the tone, pitch, or sound of an electric guitar, you need to have a secret weapon device called guitar effect pedal. Adds effect that change the way it sounds into a more captivating sound. Guitar effect pedals are also used in Electric keyboards and synthesizers.

Most common guitar effects:
  • Guitar Tuner Pedal
  • Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal 
  • Wah Wah Guitar Effect Pedal
  • Chorus Guitar Effect Pedal
  • Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

You should know how to dial in each sounds. You can easily get used to it with constant practice. Always consider the quality of the pedal you use. Premium quality guitar effect pedals makes an outstanding sound and longer life span. You can buy on trusted shops online that offers great deal. You will save on hartman-electronics effects at musicians friend. They always offer the best price for your music needs.