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Health: Oxycodone Addiction

1:36 AM

What is Oxycodone?
Oxycodone - Medication.Opioid. Pain killer.

A person suffering from pain takes oxycodone to find relief. However, a person taking oxycodone has a tendency to abuse it and suffer from addiction. 

How addiction occurs:

When they take more than prescribed.
Taking oxycodone for a long period of time.

Common Side effects:

Irregular breathing

Getting oxycodone is one of the most important to them which could lead to stealing just to keep themselves supplied and prevent withdrawal.  

How to treat:

Oxycodone detox is one of the best way for a patient to end oxycodone addiction. Different therapies are required during the detox and it is performed in a rehab center. The amount of time needed to overcome the addiction also vary from person to person. Depending on the severity of addiction. 

People who are suffer from oxycodone addiction needs a serious help from families and friends in order to be treated. This is a serious matter that patients need a lot of understanding and support from people around them.

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