When my hubby was still working overseas, I realized that mommies should also have a little carpentry knowledge. You cannot get help 24/7 when your faucet leaked, furniture or doors locks were broken. In some event, a need to get immediate response is necessary.

One situation was when my cabinet's door needed a fix.
One of the things I learned doing is installing hinge. The cabinet's door needed a new hinge and I needed to install it. It's just easy if you know how to do it the right way.

Some points I needed to know are:
  1. Materials/tools  needed like chisel, screw driver and rubber mallet.
  2. Buying the right hinge for your furniture. For my cabinet, I got stainless steel hinges.
  3. Regardless what type of hinge you need, you need to get the accurate measurement of all the dimension. If available, you can use the old hinge as preference.
  4. Use the proper tools and techniques for cutting out recesses.
  5. Make sure all drilled holes were accurately centered.

You can always find help in the internet for demo or proper and accurate instructions. You know there is nothing you cannot find in the internet these days. That's how I learned myself as well.