Personal Reflection of a Mom

Children learn and grow their character and values from many places, one of which is their parental examples. How do you think your parental example will be reflected in your children? What will they feel/think/remember most about you?

Those thoughts lingers me for quite sometime. How I wish they will remember how much I love them and how much I value them. I admit there was a time last year when I was a bit paranoid about how their environment, when not at home could affect their relationship to me as their parent. As our kids grow, we cannot keep an eye on them 24/7. I guess it's normal for a parent to feel that way even you know that you have been giving all the best that you could ever give for your kids. Always the best and never the second best. 

But I have learned that I should stop from worrying because it won't do any help. Instead, just stressing me out. I focus on how I could make our relationship to each other closer. I like my kids to look at me not only as their parent but also as a friend, a very close friend.  Also, I do my best to draw them closer to God. Make Him the center of the family and He will make your life better.

More and more years from now, hopefully they will be able to laugh through life with no worries.

What would they remember about their parents.... as long as they remember that me and their dad loved them, the rest doesnt really matter.

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