One of my most favorite skin care products is this Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer. This moisturizer is included in my morning skin care routine since it is obviously made for daytime because it has SPF15. I received this last year but it was just last month when I started using it.

I really do my best to maximize the use of it since it's expensive priced Php1.950.00 and I am unsure if I could afford a big damage to my wallet provided the great performance it gives to my skin. However, if matters at work have turned in my favor, I will push ahead and reward myself another bottle of this moisturizer. 

What I really like
I love it because it could make the appearance of my pores less visible. It helps restore the moisture that my skin lost due to pollution, dryness and UV rays. It is very gentle, perfect for those who have sensitive skin. It is hypo-alergenic and dermatologist-tested so it is guaranteed safe.

What it claims:
Formulated with Phytoresist Complex which boosts skin's strength to resist problems.
Protects skin from damaging factors.
Fills skin surface cells with moisture by keeping them super-hydrated and plump.

How to use:
Smooth over face after cleanser or softening lotion.

This is my current favorite day time moisturizer. While, I use Celeteque Moisturizer during my night time skin care routine.