BEAUTY POST: CoverGirl NatureLuxe The Lightest Foundation Ever

I am bit a stray in wearing foundations lately ever since myself was indulged in BB Creams. For my vanity to doesn't look too messy, I set aside and put in a separate organizer the products that I seldom use like foundations except for this COVER Girl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation. I use this in alternate with my BB Creams. This is also my go to foundation.

I remember, I bought this foundation way back 2012 but just started using at the middle part of last year. The main reason I bought it was the endorser is Taylor Swift. Actually, me and my younger sis like her so much. If you are not a fan of heavy foundations, this could be perfect for you.

Oops. Enough of the talking, lets proceed to the product review.

Product: CoverGirl Natureluxe Liquid Silk Foundation
"Luxury touched by Nature."


What it claims:
Foundation with a hint of jojoba extract and cucumber water, gives flawless, luxurious coverage with a barely there feel!

It comes on a cute green travel-friendly squeezable tube. You can easily control how much of the product you needed.

It has a very very nice smell. It doesn't even smells like makeup. It smells like a skin care product like moisturizer.


It has a smooth, creamy texture. Very, very light on skin.

With this weather, I have a dry skin. It stays on my skin for 4-7 hours. But I guess with someone who has an oily skin, it's only good for 4 hours.

Although it could cover up the redness around my nose on just one layer, still not enough to cover up the pimple marks.

Needed a second layer to fully covered up the marks.

1st photo: Bare face.                            2nd Photo: One layer of foundation.         3rd Photo: Two layers of foundation.


It glides on smoothly.
Very light on skin, as like you don't even feel that you are wearing a foundation.
It is much like how a moisturizer feels on skin.
It is not greasy/sticky at all.
Smooth, silky finish.
It has a very nice scent.
It gives an extra glow to the skin.
Easy to blend.
Never cakey on my skin.
No white cast on photos.
SPF 10.
Easy to apply.
A little amount of the product goes a long way.
Travel-friendly package.
Never caused me breakouts/allergies.

Hard to find the shades that best matches your skin. I even needed to purchase three different shades.
It is discontinued. I am not sure if there are still stores that sell this.
The longevity might be an issue for oily skin types so better to always get your blotting paper ready.

It is a bit blotchy when I use a makeup brush.


Overall Experience:

It glides on smoothly when I use my fingers applying this foundation. It is very lightweight but the texture is very creamy. It feels like you are just applying a moisturizer. I like that it is not sticky at all unlike other BB creams that i have tried. With this foundation I don't even feel a need to cover my face with setting powder because it's matte finish is just right to my own preference. This is perfect when you are running a bit late and you need to hurry your makeup because applying is a breeze. It is comparable to tinted moisturizer but this foundation never looked like you are wearing anything on your face. Like your skin can still breath. It has a very flawless finish on my skin. Although it cannot hide all the blemishes I have on face, there is nothing a good concealer can conceal. And no matter what brand of concealer I use, it amazingly blends nicely. I like that it has an SPF, I always need that even I just stay at home most of the time. Another thing that I like is the smell, it really smells so nice and I ma sure it is because of the jojoba extract.

This might not be the best foundation, but this is one of my most favorite of all the foundations I have tried. I heard this foundation was DISCONTINUED by COVERGIRL. I am not sure though but I hope not. I am not actually sure where else to purchase this or if we have this in our local CoverGirl counters at the mall because mine was bought online.

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