Time flies when you are too busy with a lot of stuff. I have more than a bunch of pending product reviews. Still at the road test for some, but I will blog about it one by one this month. I just got a little busy with different events happening. I feel like I get easily exhausted lately. My period is delayed and I am not sure if that is the reason behind my mood swings and weariness.

Anyways, I always see most of my co-bloggers posting about their monthly favorites, I always have mine but this is the very first time I blog about it.

For the month of February, I actually have a few new favorites. I actually have a long list of favorites but these following items are the fresh additions to my favorite list.

Eternal Magic Enchanted from AVON:
I am a bit choosy at times in scents I wear and I also like something that lasts the whole day. Amazingly, this one cuts the edge.

MAC Mineralism Eyehsadow Lustre:
This Mac pot is a staple in my makeup kit. There are days when I just like to wear a very light and simple eyemakeup and it always include this shade. I sometimes use this as a base for my eyeshadow. 

Celeteque Radiance Body Cream:
This is really helps a lot in keeping my skin moisturized the whole day. I like the scent and it glides smoothly on my skin. Celeteque never fails to make it to my faves. :)

MAC Lipstick:
Another staple in my makeup kit are lip products. I like the peachy pink shade and perfect to wear everyday.

Shiseido Ibuki Moisturizer:
I am so happy with this facial moisturizer. I use it once a day. Click Here to Red my Full Review.

Marks & Spencer Moisturising Hand and Nail Cream:
The very first you will love about this is the flowery smell. It really does a great job in giving my hands and nails a good pampering experience in between running errands.

Comment down the links of your monthly favorites posts and I would love to visit them and show some love!

Good day to all!