Yeah the title may be too harsh, lol. Although, it's almost the same thing. :D

Well, today is Saturday and it's my day off. But while everyone at nap time on this warm gloomy afternoon, I sneak on my computer just to check my mails and facebook messages. I had enough good sleep last night, it's the best sleep I had for this year yet. A straight 8 hours of sleep, except for those short moments that I have to breastfeed my youngest then, down again. So for today, that is the main reason I feel energized and alive.

My sis got this truck toy for my youngest. She bought this from her salary. My alsmost two year old son was really excited when he received this earlier that he opened the box right away and played with it. He didn't even want any of us to touch it and teach him how he could run the toy better.

The truck's tire is gone after an hour!

Haha, I am pretty sure most moms could relate on this. Well, this is what normally happens everytime he has a new toy. I guess the longest time he have the toys working is prolly a day. Nothing could make a toy last for more than 24 hours, atleast for him.

Well, it's his way of enjoying things... destroying :) haha