Guide to Gorgeous Maternity Outfits

For most expecting moms, it's a challenge how to still look at their best while showing off their bumps. The clothes they wear should always be appropriate. You will have to invest in maternity wardrobe because most clothes in your closet won't fit anymore. Choosing work, casual and party attire are often a struggle. Occasionally, some moms are afraid to dress up in the fear of public's negative reaction or how ridiculous they might look like.

I don't know whats wrong with some moms that they feel they are at their ugliest during their pregnancy. Its not actually the look that makes you pretty or ugly, its the attitude. There are a lot ways on how to still look not only gorgeous but sexy and hot at the same time with your large baby bump.

Most pregnant mommies have experienced a pretty hard time in choosing what maternity outfit to wear. There are actually ways on how you can save yourself from this dilemma. Here are my top 7 tips in choosing maternity outfits.

1. Comfort
It is always a very important aspect in choosing what we wear even prior pregnancy. Choose what kind of clothes and fabric makes you feel comfortable. 

2. Size
Every month, your body has a tendency to change it's size. Choose something you could wear not only for a month. A fabric that can stretch as your belly get bigger is a great idea. 

3. Layers

A blazer or cardigans can complete your outfit. This is one great option most especially if you are wearing a bit tight blouse or dress.

4. Extra Length
Always go for an extra length when choosing your wardrobe, Your belly is drastically changing in size so you need to add a bit of length on your wardrobes.

5. Accessories.
You can still wear accessories and makeups like before. 

6. Do not stock up.
It's a big no no. Get yourself the clothes you need at the moment. You might not gain a lot of weight in the next months so you might just end up buying bigger wardrobe. Such a waste of money.

7. Second hand clothes.
Pregnancy is just for a short period of time and buying a lot of maternity clothes is not practical at all. You might like to accept used maternity clothes that your friends or sisters have used. You can just revamp if you don't like the cut.

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